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Rory W

Ah it’s not the worst – why they made them do this was that the original developer of the site illegally pulled down the old grammar school but wasn’t allowed to build anything on the site which wasn’t some kind of a reproduction of the original building. It is at least an attempt, Drogheda’s record on preservation is shaky at best, but this new development (Part of the St Lawrences centre) is welcome in Drogheda – a town which is currently dying on it’s arse for lack of shopping development (a hideous Dunnes and Tesco on West Street and the Drogheda Town Centre which must have looked great in about 1985). Drogheda is probably the fastest growing town in Ireland (or suburb of Dublin – I get letters addressed to me as Drogheda, Co Dublin) and needs facilities to cope with this fact.

Yes it’s pastiche, but the developer wasn’t allowed get away with tearing down the building and replacing it with what was originally proposed (i.e. bland 1991 crap) at least this building is somewhat smypathetic to its surroundings

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