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typical one of wilderness development, driven by having cars, and lots of home entertainment, web access etc, in the USA.

If I get any more extreme rural developments, I will post them. I think some of these may work as retreat type places, like the ancient Cistercian monastery etc, but as new residential developments…. ?

Outer Suburbia?


Open space as part of scheme.

Some things like this, have integrated well into places like Rathgar Road etc,I think.

Perhaps not pretty in some peoples’ eyes, but definitely sustainable as development I think, on smaller available plots.

another one;

I dunno, how to calculate densities on FARs for this but, I think you get the idea.

And another attempt at density.

High density, low cost.

I think that Wright was very good at doing this sort of thing here.

Perhaps suitable for a number of smaller apartments nowadays on suitable site, circa Rathmines or similar? Certainly would be contextual anyhow.

Another kind of place,


Or here.

Or this.

Cross of ancient and modern at high densities. Kahn who first started trend in this.

Goind even further denser in FAR;

Similar idea.

We certainly haven’t built like this in Ireland since the times of the Eucharistic congress!

This type of development, is attractive, as it actually manages to create a strong definition of a street I think.

Pastiche probably,but still good amount of accomodation packed in.

As this one does;

The sort of thing which drove Temle Bar development style.

Which, I believe was new at the time here in Ireland.

Docklands? Notice how elements like that bridge in the background, are important perceptual landmarks in such a place.

Handsome looking attempt at very high density.

Another one.

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