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Nice inner suburban housing scheme here, designed in Aus somewhere.;f=4;t=000461;go=older

But this is more typical of the development in United States, where land values obviously must not be that high.;f=4;t=000432;go=newer

Now here is one that I picked out, which isn’t inner city, inner suburban, but may be outer suburban, but is more lightly to be in Galway. Apart from the design, which is daft – I think the sizing and simple statement of the volume is appealing. But most of all, to notice the idea of siting any building at all, on this site, is interesting and pleasant in some ‘folly’ sort of way.;f=5;t=000456;go=newer

Just click the link and image will pop up. Steven Holl is one of the few guys who could pull off a site strategy like this effectively today I think.

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