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and phil. as i am interested in it, but by no means an expert, and consider it necessary for architect’s it should be given it’s due in college. to answer ur question i would consider it strongly for large scale developments where my simplistict approach just wouldn’t do but smaller ones then it would have to be up to the architect as i presume the client might think u crazy if you wanted to bring in a sociologist as a consultant.

Well I think that is why E-Learning should be a part of architectural education nowadays. There should be appointed staff in DIT and places to accomodate that – after all, after a one year’s worth of interaction at Archiseek on various matters to do with the built environment, one could scarsely hope to ‘dis-improve’ as a potential young design skilled person. Anyhow, just to let you all in on a little bit of info – I was a fly on the wall, at a recent DIT forum about IT and education, held at Angier Street during June 2003. I overheard the ‘big-wigs’ talking about the concept of e-learning for DIT. I never heard such a bunch of old nannies talking in my life.

Basically, nearly all the people present seemed to dismiss e-learning as something that could ultimately become ‘invaded’ by (insert Miss Crabs voice) people who would disrupt the online community etc, etc. Body snatchers, etc, etc. I learned a great deal about online interactive learning from the IT community who are constantly in a daily fight with their job every day, to stay abreast of late-breaking technology news and events, which affect their own job too. They really seem to have embraced it and employed it for their own means and ends. Perhaps our universities should take a leaf out of their book.

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