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All I will say, is that the RIAI Housing book was divided up into Inner City, Inner Suburban and Outer Suburban territories. It also included lastly a section about small towns outside of Dublin. But basically, it tried to suggest good ways to develop for each of those environments. I can ensure you, those different territories aren’t imaginary either. whether it is Inner or outer suburban type of development. I mean if you look at the kinds of 3DS VIZ images that make their way onto places like you tend to imagine places like Consilla, or Foxs and Geese, or some really suburban place, with lots and lots of space around the building. Because in America where most 3DS VIZ images are done, you have large suburban types of car-oriented cities.

A lot of inner suburban dublin and inner city Dublin is much more packed than most American cities are. It is nice to just be able to look at a design, and instantly know what it is, based on actually experience of what suburban environments are like, what inner city environments are like. It does make a huge difference – they face different challenges. It is nice to have this thought at the back of your mind, when designing anything. I.e. That you don’t try to design something, which would be suitable in Grafton Street, out in Walkinstown or somewhere. So, I would suggest that RIAI book on housing is a book you should study carefully. Each chapter has an ‘experts opinion’ bit, by someone who is experienced in designing in each of those different environments.

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