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Originally posted by Diaspora
You don’t need a contra flow up Nassau St it only has to go down Sth Leinster st to Kildare st as a right turn is permitted down molesworth St coming back out at Davy/Hibernian way on Dawson St giving access back to Nassau St but also back towards the Westbury and Grafton st as well. Therbye breaking up the oneway system and allowing preferential treatment for those who provide their own congestion freindly transport.

I can see how that would be infinitely easier to achieve, avoid the problems of bicycles running it ‘right turning cars’ going up Kildare St, and still as a solution, like you have proposed would still manage at least 50% of the improvement, that a total bicycle lane, the full length as I have suggested would achieve.

Don’t get me wrong though, the footpath for pedestrians directly in front of Reads and Easons, formerly Fred Hannas, is a mess from a pedestrian point of view – it is a choke point, and thereby has means that over the years, pedestrians have began to avoid it – it would even help enormously if Dublin City corp shelled out for some kind of ‘wall mounted’ parking metres, so as not to ‘wind’ oneself hopping off of parking metres, in a desperate attempt to ‘make some headway’ through the crowd – That one single pedestrian ‘black spot’ is solely responsible for the deterioration all along Nassau St – that toward Nassau St, Leinster St, etc, the Setanta Centre, all along towards Merrion Square has become rather disused and dodgy at nightime. People don’t know it, it is lost to the city. Despite having gone to all the trouble and expense of building a very fine new Art Gallery extension at the end of that route.

If the said pedestrian choke-point in front of Fred Hannas was fixed, somehow, that would greatly enhance possibilities for all Nassau St to become more than it is. All it would actually take in reality, is for a couple of rich dudes to have to walk a few hundred yards more to their own personal parking space in the underground Setanta centre or something. I mean, the situation is in Dublin, you need to get around on foot – so apart from providing multi storey car parking – it would also help conjestion considerably in Dublin city centre, if the people could walk around, do their business and generally not have to waste as much time as they do, getting stopped at pedestrian choke-points around the city centre. I would love to fly up in a helicopter some day, and watch all the sad, poor, fools having to que at certain points to walk around.

It goes right back to my old point, that we here in Ireland love sending out state paid ‘troppers’ in big, bright badged mechanised transport – Gardai uniforms in this case – to ‘solve’ the traffic problem. Over last xmas, I know from a lot of cases, that two and even three young inexperienced gardai were necessary to ‘make some traffic conjestion problems worse’ when only one could have managed to mess it up by themself. But perhaps if we invested less money in bright, shiny motorcycles and suits for cops, and tried to put a bit of money into relieving pedestrian choke points, things would ‘flow better’.

I mean, the street traders in Dubin city, who sell their bloody flowers to 5% of the total pedestrian street population, who are probably grannies moving at 0 miles per hour anyhow, have been allowed to create artificial pedestrian choke points all by themselves. If it was any other product other than flowers they were selling, they would be brought properly into line. Effectively they manage to ‘barricade’ South Annes St, and the other St, going up past McDaide’s pub – effectively creating a shop premises, free of rent where there should be a pedestrian street. But we here in Dublin have been incredibly naive about these things – pedestrianisation doesn’t equal sentimental, picturesqe, conjested clutter – it means, taking some of the benefits of pedestrianisation – the ability for large popultations of people to march around the place in quick time like armies.

Some day, I will start a riot with the Street traders in Grafton Street by doing a ‘Johnny Wilkinson special’ to one of those buckets of god-damn flowers, and driving it down as far as college green. In general I can see, you have taught about this subject in detail, and while I do have a lot of respect for someone who has done so – I feel compelled to point out some of the more obvious example of ‘pedestrian circulation’ naievity that are staring people blankly in the face as you ‘try to navigate your way on two tired old pins’ around our nation’s capital. I mean also, from the point of view, of running the nation’s capital – keeping the economy afloat, contributing to peoples’ reduction in stress levels, health probs etc, etc. A good example of changing the way, people use a space, in a positive fashion, is of course the Liffey Board walks. It is just a pity, they didn’t shell out and do the same on the other side too.

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