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How about a contra-flow bicycle lane in Nassau Street? And getting those few car parking spaces all along Nassau st, into the Setanta centre or someplace underground even. Or would that be too much like doing something right in Dublin city centre. They are always selling flowers on Fade St, too and that is just beside the George’s arcade where they could and should be accomodate – allowing Fade st, to become usable and a better st.

I was cycling along Portobello last sunday evening and was asked by a Guard not to cycle up there – having done so like everyone else for years and years. This is the kind of ‘patrolling’ and flow control we have now aspired to under the Bertie administration. I just think, this notion of pedestrian movment and getting out of the ‘studio ivory tower’ in architectural college needs to be considered. I mean, getting the feeling of walking around something one might design as a young arch student. The final Chapter is Ching, isn’t bad on this actually.

Someone should do a Cartoon of a Rubgy player like Jono Lomo negotiating a LUAS tram, a Dublin Bus and a motorcar only to trip over a flower pot! đŸ™‚ And have some flower seller saying, are you going to pay for that! [angry]

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