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That is so true about both Circular roads. very efficient system for a Landing on the North Wall or Dunlaoire as all the bases were within 400 metres of each circular road.

On one of the transport planning papers I did in College I devised a proposal to make both circular roads (nth&Sth) QBCs linking at the new Macken St bridge.

This would have facilitated someone working in Clondalkin the opportunity to leave a bus at Kilmainham and board a direct bus to either phibsboro or Mount St bridge. It also would have cut the time required by buses in the city centre dramatically.

That is the major problem we have in this city is that we cannot get away from a radial mindset. With a vague secondary consideration to where the airport is.

We view the city as two units i.e D1 and D2 (with a little D7 thrown into D1 and a little D4 thrown into D2) In Stark contrast London uses the much clearer EC1 or SW2 area designation and people there understand it very well.

I think that unless planners begin to understand how to contextualise the huge numbers of people that move around every working day; it will only deteriorate further. Although I doubt stampedes will occur
simply billions lost in productivity

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