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2) There are some experiences of buildings here in Ireland, which are well designed and incorporate the idea of time. I like to walk from the old part of the National Gallery of Ireland and exit out onto Nassau Street side. I like to walk from Nassau Street through Trinity out to College Green. I like to walk through the Powerscourt centre, the IFC, curved Street and Meeting house square. It is even nice to walk from the back entrance of wood quay out through the front entrance.

So when you are ‘trying to conceive’ of something in three dimensions in a computer model – the time dimension, is something which you are aware of consciously. Even a small structure – is normally much larger than a single human form, so that it implies as we move around/through/above/under a structure – that contributes to the experience, as well as the point 1) above in relation to enclosure.

Just something else,

On the large scale, at 1:500 scale people relate to their environment every bit as much as they do as at the 1:50 scale. Take a large urban OS sheet at 1:1000 scale – a young, fit, healthy person can easily walk around that map in reality. This ability to move around, also applies to the vertical dimension, or for that matter, the combination of vertical and horizontal movement.

See the Steven Holl scheme for Berlin Library, or any of Holl’s work. Which do incorporate a vast amount of different movement vectors in all dimensions. What upsets me, is often people speak about the ‘designs of Steven Holl’ without considering obvious facets of those designs. You cannot begin to understand Holl’s Berlin Library building project, without accepting the notion that people move a lot in all dimensions.

Otherwise, if you don’t view the design in this way – it becomes just another crazy architectural graphic. The Cranbrook extension scheme by Holl is another example of a design where movement vectors of people are central. The quite similar Iowa Art Gallery by Meier, or his Getty centre are similar. We often under estimate or even neglect that movement coefficient as spatial designers. Ed Bacon in his book deals almost exclusively with that notion.

The second visual on this page here, sort of says this idea well, for a computer visual.;f=4;t=000085

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