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Well, hence why I constantly moan and groan about the ‘yellow pack’ approach to information technology training and infrastructure in our own little humble profession here of Architecture. I guess I am just more attuned to that at the moment, and for a while now, than I have been to the reality facing this country in terms of transit infrastructure.

I think you need to think of the whole entire picture of information technology infrastructure – how qualified people, and what people you use to meet this need – and how information technology in turn could be crucial in achieving and implementing so many of the visions you have described.

I loath, with a passion this approach of the ‘VIZ architect’. Some kind of a monstrousity created out of AutoDesk PR brochures and bad advertising campaigns on the back covers of Architects’ Journal publications. I think, not only does this undermine real people, with real contributions to make in these areas of computing design tools – but also the Architects themselves, who are already emburdened by so much weight of problems to deal with, than worrying about Radiosity and Ray Tracing packages too.

We, as a profession, are going to do a whole lot of wheel spinning here for the forseeable future. What amazed me is the upcoming generations of Bolton Street/UCD/Queens computer savy graduates cannot see beyond the marketing slogans either. I try to keep very much abreast of developments in the American Architectural profession, where they build/design environments and projects on a much larger scale, much more frequently than we do here in this very small island.

My buddy wda over at CGA, described Ireland as being ‘like a Milwaukee’. Dunno what that means, but I intend to find out some time. 🙂

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