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I passed by yesterday and was furious to discover that most of the trench had been filled in already!
But the sight of one archway and wall was enough to get me excited.
They would indeed appear to be hand-made brick and quite a part of an exposed wall was made up entirely of the small square variety, rather than the usual rectangle-square-rectangle etc.
It’s extraordinary to see the crumbling old development juxtaposed with the new granite paving, and the cars and buses roaring by overhead, oblivious to what lies 3 feet underneath.
I couldn’t belive how far out from the terrace they are, much farther than say Harcourt St, they run right under what is now the new road carriageway, they could go as far as the central median – that’s over 75 feet!

Indeed they’re so far out I wonder whether they are the basements of the long-forgotton Drogheda Street, a terrace of which ran along what is now the central median.

Here are two pictures, one a map of Sackville Mall and Drogheda St, note the terrace in question in the bottom right of the pic, and the amount of plots making it up.
The second is of the Wide Streets Commission terrace about 30 years after completion, of which these basements could also be part of, which is perhaps more likely. Note the arched shopfront closest to the edge of the picture is identical to that of the last Wide Streets Commission shopfront on Dame St.

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