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Originally posted by sw101
Ah brian. this sequential method is perfectly adequate for discussion. you’re just annoying people when you fuck around with it

You see SW, if like me you were a very experienced message board reader and poster on a regular basis, in a wide range of interests, like CG, Planning, Architecture and Computer Science…… then like me you would be more attuned to subtle differences in formats, which make all the difference.

Parallel discussion ability within within the same thread is essential to disect more complex issues – which are really a combination of subissues, rather than being one solid issue, with one right or wrong.

Why do you think the tribunals, and Dail proceedings take so long and all have to be recorded?

Parellel discussion formats in message boards are a blessing…… while sequential discussion formats are just shit.

Like the format we are using here. Ping-pong-ping-pong-ping-pong. I am sorry, but it is true.

Paul does a wonderful job, and is very professional….. but has only finite resources, too finite really….. to enable a proper ideal discussion format for the issues we are dealing with here.

One of the things they have learned from the Tribunals actually, is how many more of them could have gone on in parallel in one sitting of the judges/jury etc, instead of doing everything in sequences and costing a lot more – to get the witnesses to show up all at the same time etc, etc.

Just as well noone is paying us here, to do what we do eh? 🙂 Or you would arrive very quickly at a strange looking sum. And that is what put an awful lot of ‘knowledge experts’ off posting their opinions at places like Archiseek I think, because it reminds them of some very long drawn out, over extended, mis-allocation of public funding like the format the tribunals took. Whereas, if you had parallel discussion format, you could get more done, and accomplish an awful lot more with just one single thread called, one particular heading.

The system breaks down here totally when you try to look at ‘big issues’ like cars and the environment, or roundabouts etc, etc, etc. Which are very multi-dimensional parallel-type of issues.

BTW, I have studied the science of knowledge management in great detail over the past couple of years, MicroSoft have invested megabucks in this particular area and published a lot of material on the subject, but so have many others…… so I am not just pulling things straight out of my own arse.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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