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on prime time last night a big discussio on an taisce. but i fear the picked the wrong people to argue the president of an taisce..can’t remember his name… they some hippy who only said 1 intelligent thing all night and some people who really hadn’t a clue. a planner who didn’t say much and o’cuiv..absolute muppet who talked around every subject. i suppose he tried his best to sound intelligent but came off sonding like a moron who is only there because of his questionable lineage. there was a guy there which they didn’t tell u what he did.. but he was trying to comment on inaccuricies with an taisce’s policies(regarding planning cos i know disapora that ye do more stuff) and was quite rudely shouted down several times. seems like the president didn’t want that aired that they seem to have no cohesive stragety towards this subject and can’t handle the justified critism and questions involved in making this public.

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