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Paul below is the very grounded reason why Mr Conroy was refused membership

His vision of Oughterard is:

“Oughterard has always been popular with people seeking holiday and retirement homes, but in recent times it has become very important as a dormitory town for Galway City, which is only twenty-minute drive.”

The web reference was accessed today.

As I stated in the thread Mr Conroy is welcome to join once he gives reason other than wanting to “to influence An Taisce into adopting a more sensible attitude towards rural planning”

Those are his words and not mine.

I am Acknowledging the benefits of farming families being able to develop houses for family use. This is An Taisce policy Frank Corcoran has been quoted ad infinitum clarrifying this point.

To illustrate my point I will use an example of a person applying to theTemperance society claiming to want to change the policy from total abstinence to the policy being only getting drunk once a week, do you think my application would merit consideration?

The GAA is another classic example of an organisation that receives funds and has membership restrictions. Yet it receives money on both sides of the border.

If you applied to join the Pd’s and publicly stated you wanted to tell the party how “to adopt a more sensible approach towards corporation tax” i.e. Increase it to the European average of 30%

The web search I did to find this damning evidence listed only “Frank Conroy Oughterard. Where he is listed as being an agent for Matt O’Sullivan Auctioneers.

Ian Lumley was absolutley right to comment on the refusal, but he should have said listed the empty promises this guy is making. i.e.

That ‘subject to planning’ equates to no more than a mere formality and that sites around Carraroe are open to commuters and holiday home seekers to develop.

No there is no file nor bias against any area or individual, although through observing the process certain patterns emerge. Ireland is also quite a small place so peoples opinions are easy enough to assess when listed on the internet.

An Taisce deserves government money because they deliver services that deliver benifits.

But the grant in question was made by Noel Dempsey for the planning unit. In acknowledgement that development volumes had increased immeasurably and it was to help An Taisce cope with the transition.

Ian Lumley as Heritage officer and his staff delivered real value for money to the government. 63,000 wouldn’t touch Tom Phillips bonus before he left Frank L Benson.
I would put them at equal eminence in terms of ability but sadly there is now more than ever a gulf in resources.

If you know of anyone else other than Mr Conroy who has been refused membership please let me know. 🙂

I am not on the council of An Taisce my own application is currently being examined. But one does not have to hold office to know what is going on.

Merely discussing the issues in what has been the most balanced discussion I have ever seen on any web discussion ever.

Vega City was just to easy. 😀

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