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I know how it must look,

But it is a very small minority within the organisation that have such dated opinions.

In my first week I got an invitation to their annual conference, which was in Kilkenny. Anyway a woman stood up and starting rabbiting on about corruption and governments, the Chair intevened. That was as much on that topic as I have heard about ‘corruption in general’ until Devin started on about it again.

But you are right as long as that type of opinion is around it doesn’t look at all well on the resume.

But I am getting a little concerned at this stage with the PR spin of Devin, would you leave the National Trust function with such a Dublin Focussed Zealot? That is precisely whathe wants you to think, he will never have any influence worth talking about in this organisation. Because even though he has particular qualities in relation to modern urban design, he is a liability mostly to himself

Forgive me for mentioning this again, but there are four programmes all playing their own angles, without the President Frank Corcoran who has held it together at at a difficult time for them I would have left.

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