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Thanks ro_G,

I had almost forgotten Devin’s claim that the Nation is in its infancy.

82 Years this year and economically it has defied every pundit and nay-sayer.

In terms of Architecture there are better buildings being errected now than at any time before.

The saving the Irish landscape from the Irish remark is not fair to 99% of the population of this country.

The 1% I direct it at are those that harp on about the struggle for the land, and the claims that we spent 800 years trying to get the english out.

That is a great history lesson and if I had time I would read all of Tim Pat Coogan’s books because he is a witty man.

But that argument is a merely a smokescreen for a pure lassiaz faire attitude towards the development of particular parts of Ireland.
We have won the war so we can divide the spoils as we see fit.

The Department of the Environment has developed very clear and coherent policies on all aspects of development policy.
An Bord Pleannala has established itself as a respected authority on all planning matters.

It is to those bodies that the organisation looks to save Ireland from poorly thought out individual planning applications.

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