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Non Taisicst,

You have the nail on the head regarding PR delivery vs the message. I also like the Carnegie family they gave great libraries free to this Country.

On one off houses you have perfectly descibed the operational output of An except that you ommited long-distance commuters.

In that I am not solely referring to Dublin either but people on the outskirts of Potumna developing sites and working in Galway commuting longer than they need to.

One off housing is not simply about the visual effects it is about the larger social change that it effects upon towns already under pressure to retain a viable population base. It is about the increased commuting distances and the cost of providing local authority services.

However where people work on the land it would be unsustainable to make them move into a town. It would be the direct opposite of what the policy is attempting to address.

Farming famillies should be allowed to build houses on lands that would be considered inappropriate for others to develop especially people employed in Dublin.

However like everything else there needs to be controls of which three spring to mind.

1. Local and sympathetic building materials and good architectural design are essential.

2. Areas of outstanding natural beauty such as uplands and coastal areas which are generally bad land anyway these areas need protection.

3. A mechanism needs to be in place to ensure that where permission is granted those granted permission will occupy the property for a reasonable period of time.

The Four programme approach is the only An Taisce policy worth talking about this year.

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