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So What???

Somebody (rightly) said An Taisce isn’t in a popularity contest.

I’m an ex member (and Council member) of AT, an Architect in private practise (so much for assertions regarding those who ‘don’t create!!) have worked in England, Pakistan and South America – and am horrified at attitudes among the Irish people to conservation and environmentalism.

Paul you really should feature Frank McDonalds article of last Saturday, and fintan O’Tooles and John S Doyles among others regarding such attitutes.

There is no difference in ‘importance’ between architecture of the past and that of the present.

I happen to be happiest in doing contemporary new build work, I also thoroughly enjoy the non egotistical elements of conservation work (although that’s mostly a hobby).

I fully support AT and their policies on built environment most of which are pretty well thought out.

Diaspora, I admire your perseverance but don’t know why you’re bothering – there’s little to apologise about or make excuses for. Alan has a bee in his bonnet because His Scheme was turned down in Sligo and At had a hand in it.

For your information Alan I’ve had AT appleal and object to work of my own and have never taken it personally, you’re and Architect and an adult (presumably). behave like one!!.

Paul (i’m sorry about this) has never demonstrated any sense of even handedness about AT, and much of what is written is by the same old gang of four (or five) is a combination of ignorance, laziness and a cast iron unwillingness to consider the other side ofthe argument – In fact just waht they accuse AT of.

Get on with your work Diaspora, whatever it is, for AT and to hell with the begrudgers (most of whom would be pretty unfamiliar with the concept of unpaid, voluntary or community service).

If AT goes broke so be it. Tony Lowes comments in the Irish Times of last Saurday regarding environmental issues pretty much summarise it for me ,Its all about “Saving Ireland From The Irish”.

AT has a public role and duty and until the day that the Banks actually foreclose, that will remain their responsibility.

One final comment – who should determine what is right for our built environment – The Massed Builders, Developers ,County Councillors and Architects of this country???????.



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