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I agree entirely with your analysis save to say no other organisation is capable of running a National Trust due to lack of experience dealing with a diverse property portfolio.

Trace I agree with your analysis except to say that the organisation only speaks for it’s members, so the pitch is still open for others to make their opinions known. It does not claim to speak for anyone else, However I am very happy that you have finally put the ‘only an An Taisce objection is listened to’ myth to bed. Where it should be.

Many individuals make individual submissions on many issues. Which is their duty if they feel strongly about something.

An Taisce is not a single issue organisation and further it is not a single function (planning observer) organisation.

Expect more balance from the organisation in regard to all four programmes going forward.

It would be niave for the organisation to expect people to part with their hard-earned cash in membership dues just because it has been said the PR will change.

It is entirely the organisations problem to regain the momentum that has been lost.

The organisation has over this destructive period also been making progress on its other programmes.

Which are less controversial and deliver tangiable benifits to the public.

Such as the Education programmes

The Properties portfolio.

Other policies directed at transportation and waste management issues.

It is on those programmes that the organisation should be judged going forward.

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