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Since Bohemian Rhapsody is raised again, the priest in Father Ted was Noel Furlong – I shouldn’t know that but no matter…

I know very little about the inner workings of An Taisce – although I’m learning fast via this thread!
The public perception of them is appalling for a National Trust – this is an issue that they have allowed get out of control.
I agree totally with regard to their negative negative negative stance.

Just like any company or organisation PR is the key – and especially considering that AT are dealing with members of the public with which they have no other connection, and they have to ‘advise’ or otherwise with regard to their development, it is crucial that there is a positive spin put on things, for this not currently to be the case is disgraceful on their part.

One of AT’s senior members, I can’t remember his name now (the man that lives in the 17th century townhouse on the quays) appeared on the Late Late about a year ago about the rural housing issue, and his performance was woeful.
Eamon O Cuiv walked all over over him with the usual crap, the audience made him look like a fool, and An Taisce looked pathetic.
This shouldn’t have been the case, they should have put their best foot forward, as they should always be doing, and they failed miserably.
This instance marked the end of public sympathy with AT on the rural housing issue.

It is crucial that the National Trust of a nation has credibility and support from the public.
The attacks being made here are from personal experiences and supposed incompetence of staff etc, but at the end of the day it is the organisation itself which is important, and if it dosn’t have public support, which I fundamentally believe it dosn’t, then questions must be raised as to the competence and suitability of AT as the nation’s Ntl Trust or equivilant.

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