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Below is the most recent announcement of changes to the list of protected structures. It features a ratio of 2:1 in favour of MORE listings.

100% Dublin Corporation: Our Services: Dublin City Development Plan Protected Structures
Summary: Dublin City Development Plan, 1999, Listed Buildings, Protected Structures, Maps, Information, Dublin, Dublin Information, Dublin City Council, Planning. Dublin City Development Plan 1999 : Protected Structures. Dublin’s development plans have always included lists of buildings which were to be preserved or pro
Updated: 16/10/2003 09:54:24

Power I will leave to yourself Alan

An Taisce does not think in terms of power only fullfilling its mandate under the 1963 and subsequent planning an development acts.

Observers to the planning process and developers of the organisations own properties.

It is as already stated the function of Local Authorities to determine first instance applications.

It is the function of An Bord Pleannala to determine second instance appeals.

I recommend you purchase some of Yvonne Scannell’s texts on the Irish planning system.

Because knowledge is the only power in this process not money and certainly not An Taisce.

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