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I accept Fin’s Theory on one off houses: namely that the majority of them are not for people living locally but are generally built as as second ‘holiday’ homes.

I very much doubt that Fin or ANY contributor to this site designs the type of house you are talking about Devin. We are all opposed to pastiche architecture of that I am positive.

It is comparing those who disagree with An Taisce to Michael Healy Rae that has the organisation in its present difficulties.

An Taisce does not like taking asbuse, however it does not mind having its negative aspects expressed in a logical way. That you did Fin and I thank you for that.

It is comments like the above that have made the organisation unpopular in much of rural Ireland. That is something An Taisce has got to rectify, it is my priority over 2004 to work on policies that benefit rural Ireland.

Expect a very different PR spin as John Bowler continues to effect the changes in policy signalled quietly last September.

John has agreed a new form of employment of which I only know that he is ensuring the organisation gets the highest standards of PR.

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