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Originally posted by Diaspora
Fin raised the point that An Taisce are hated in particular areas of rural Ireland.

nope… everywhere

Originally posted by Diaspora

The organisation was accused by Johny Bradey TD from Meath of being an extension of the British establishment, ‘getting at the Irish State’

interesting!!!! see devin..i’m really not that bad… i never even mentioned that.

Originally posted by Diaspora
I took particular pleasure in sending a year book to a relative who has lived on Aran Mor for many years. Much of my family comes from Galway, we can trace our family there back to the 1580’s. And no there is no grand house there never was, but I am very proud of my heritage.

fair play. however aran is in donegal so i presume u mean inis mor. and why did u take pleasure? what part of galway?

Originally posted by Diaspora
Regarding one off development which is the issue that has damaged the organisation more than any other. I personally would like to see a scheme in place that would allow for those active in rural communities build upon their own land. What is required is a measure to prevent the farming off of sites in inappropriate areas. Some claw back scheme that would tie a development to specific occupation by a named developer over a timeframe of say ten years.

there is. it was indefinately in the gealtacht
in connemara. these areas if granted should be for the good of the community. elsewhere however, like roscommon, where in fairness to the rossies there is nothing why not allow houses on farmland.

Originally posted by Diaspora
What An Taisce needs are more members from rural areas. The organisation has county associations in most counties. But a higher membership would be welcome particularly in the West

best of luck on this one.

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