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Diaspora, how did the government “pull” 63,000 worth of funding exactly? Isn’t it the case that the government agreed a three year funding deal with An Taisce to help it in its role as a prescribed planning body? And isn’t it the case that there were no guarantees after Year 3? Shouldn’t a prudent body have made plans for what would happen after that funding ran out?

Anyway, it’s hardly the taxpayers’ role to fund An Taisce and I think I’d like to see its accounts before coming to any definite conclusions, but these accounts are not available.

I’m worried by you saying that “money might be found” to re-hire these people. This stokes my suspicion that this is all a bit of a PR ruse. The One in Four organisation pulled this “we’re broke and have to go out of business” trick last year and Bono rode to the rescue with 40k, quickly followed by the government with more money to bail it out. Is An Taisce doing something similar?? I really hope not.

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