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Originally posted by Diaspora
you would never volunteer any time to serve an organisation that is dedicated to championing issues such as the prevention

Bad Planning

Environmental Pollution

An organisation Promoting

Good architectural design

Sustainable development patterns

Better waste management

u r right i wouldn’t because i amn’t that self-indulged to say what that i think a building is good architecture or not. i know what i like and what i’m interested in and where i want my architecture to go but it’s the people who use the building that can tell you wether it is good architecture or not beause at the end of the day they are the ones affected.
sustainable development patterns: hmmm sounds like no farm houses to me!!! to me if someone owns land he has the right to put his house on it…or she..lets be politically correct about this

Originally posted by Diaspora

The retention and management of important buildings and habitats

lets take the example of alan’s project. he described the state of this particular “important” building. so an taisce will take over the management of this. improve the standards of it for the owner or maybe even buy it off the owner???

Originally posted by Diaspora

But you can handle the responsibility of signing off of work that you consider of dubious quality.

dubious quality no. varing degrees of architectural merit..yes. there can be no comprimise on workmanship or regarding regulations. do u seriously think u would survive in the outside world with princlples like that or maybe u think that architect’s only get the big projects ???? sometimes to get along u have to take shit jobs in the hope that u may get a chance to express yourself.

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