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i think it would be a pity to loose an taisce, they represent point of view and it is always good to have all point of views heard, good goverance is the mediation of extremes, and so on. if an taisce’s view win out and you disagree, then your arguement is with the relavant council or apb for their decision, not with an taisce for expression pushing their opinion. if the system works, then making a bad arguement should affect nothing and making a good one should help.

myself, i agree with an taisce about half the time and disagree the other half. i do find it amazing though that it is such a closed organization, they make very little effort to recruit, they don’t organize many public meetings, for a campaigning organization their pr is awful, they appear snobby, their website is poor and so on. maybe this is because they are trying to fill to many different roles: enviromental campaign, planning watchdog and national trust.

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