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Judging from some of the articles I have read, people I have spoken to etc, the IT infrastructure behind running a place like Las Vegas is pretty phenomenal.

The IT guys there size the system required around the job it is doing, and not the other way around. Normally you have people who just order something from the Dell catalogue and then try to make it fit.

It doesn’t work that way with a Conference centre etc. Even the power supply requirements of such a venue on its own would be huge, to actually host all those systems and machines buzzing away for all the awe-struck visitors to drool all over.

We aren’t too bad in Ireland as regards power though. But things like good Wi-Fi connectivity and plenty of power points for people to re-charge devices, that is all part of this global tech-show band wagon nowadays. Because you practically are having the tech show reported live through various web sites all over the galaxy, as it happens so to speak! šŸ™‚

In Las Vegas, this is all par for the course and you have all the guys you need to make this happen. That is the hardest part here in this country – hiring the expertise. My best guess, is that you are talking about hiring in short term contractors from London at the nearest to provide that necessary connectivity to make things like this actually happen at all.

yeah, when you consider the airport, the hotels, the catering etc, etc. It would certainly one hell of a techie ploughing match! šŸ™‚

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