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Listoonvarna in Dublin, Ploughing match in Dublin, I remember going to the ‘Spring Show’ in Dublin years ago. Those kinds of events went out for a generation or so, but if you go back a bit, they were absolutely huge, long before anything like a conference centre was ever invented.

I am really aware of the importance of these big shows nowadays from taking an active interest in the IT world. These events are huge in that sphere. There is one coming up soon in Dublin at Croke Park called NITES:

Description of Event
N.I.T.E.S is the National IT and e-Security Summit organised by The Sunday Business Post. Now in its third year, the 2004 forum has a line-up of national and international speakers sure to keep you up-to-date on all emerging issues and trends. The summit runs workshops and has presentations by experts who will share their knowledge and experiences on topics such as: privacy, building trust, fraud and digital evidence, SPAM, network security management and more.

I remember when that famous painting by Caravaggio was found, there was quite a large seminar in Dublin which I attended a long time ago. It was very well attended and that really large room in the National Gallery really did get used for once. Now that the whole centre of gravity has shifted over to Nassau street, the importance of that great room has been very much diminished I think, in one’s overall experience of the NGI.

But to take up your point, I guess that Merrion Square is a very fitting arrival point for such a seminar – which City West would find difficult to match. In fact, what really good public spaces are there in Dublin now that could work like that. College Green does the same thing for Trinity. There really is a sense of arrival when you attend something at Trinity, before you ever even get there.

I still think that digital design applications used nowadays are still far too obsessed with things like steel beams, concrete slabs and so on. Yeah, those are certainly the nuts n’ bolts of any good design, and so forth. But I also think the nuts and bolts of any good design, are the dynamics of the people using it.

How does that get represented in current computer design systems? Is that a stupid question?

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