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On the topic of architecture and conference centres

I think the conference centre is typically one of those places, you tend to see more often in photographs having returned, than at the time of the visit itself. Conference centres are a lot about lots of people getting together, who normally only exist as on-line communities like Archiseek.

Just doing a search of Siggraph San Diego 2003 photographs, of the thousands out there, most following along the very same lines, like this particular University of Florida computer department group who made the journey to sunny, water side San Diego like thousands of others. Now does city west really have that same ‘aura’ about it, that make bad Conference pics look that bit much more enjoyable to look at?

Airport terminal like interiors.

External skin

Views away from the site.

Big open spaces

This is your average group of conference centre users, not really business execs and not really Shamrock Rovers supporters either.

I couldn’t resist including this pic:

These give a good idea too or what to expect of a convention centre;

Is it my imagination, but do these spaces seem a little unused to you? I have heard that Siggraph 2003 didn’t pay all that well and next year they are going to move it back to more familiar territory in San Francisco, not as nice in terms of convention centres, but more profitable.

bit of a nerd’s convention for sure, but these events do bring a heck of a lot of people from all over the world, into the city. Just imagine these same kinds of photos been posted up of some convention in Dublin?

The need for nice open spaces is important as you can see – me and the others having lunch in the Park type of pics – the docklands area in Dublin does have this going for it, and is only going to get even better. That is what I think, the Roche design could have been a really good direction to go.

I have only used the geekie, siggraph graphic artists conference as my example – even the geeks have their days out, but there are plenty more out there from shoe salesmen, to Micro Chip conventions. It at least, could add a very colourful ‘New Orleans’ kind of feel to Dublin city from time to time. The only thing we currently have is a few Rugby matches each year. (Beer drinking)

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