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But back to the point, it could be argued that there are great simularities between 1994 and 2004 for the Irish property/construction scene.

There is a bit of vacancy a lot of infrastructural works and the house building sector dominating. Investment is slow but another good year in the US and it could speed up dramatically.

The problem is that unlike 1994 the economy is unable to attract the lower value jobs such as customer service call centres for hotels etc.

The one thing that the economy still has is the lowest corporation tax in the OECD and tarriff free entry to the worlds largest economy (EU) The hope is that companies that anticipate a highly profitable process will locate here. However I doubt that the Sandyford lifestyle is likely to attract the professionals to work in these industries/professional services.

A mixed use high-quality urban quarter is required, if growth is to be delivered.

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