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Quote “Cities from Sydney to Brussels to Dublin to Vancouver are fast becoming creative-class centers to rival Boston, Seattle, and Austin. They’re doing it through a variety of means–from government-subsidized labs to partnerships between top local universities and industry”

Fact: Between MIT and Harvard campus start ups have created over 1m high end jobs in IT and Biotech alone.

Dublin is not in the same league for three reasons

1. Lack of access to Venture capital

2. Chronic infrastructural deifit notably road and air freight

3. Lack of suitable prestige buildings or buildings capable of serving as top flight corporate headquarters.

The tallest proposed building for Dublin was a 32 storey block of flats, the application was not even considered because it wasn’t completed correctly. It should never have been considered as a runner where it was proposed.

There is no doubt Brian that Bio-tech and IT and the development of top-flighters in these fields hold the key.

But in practice this country’s industrial strategy has run out of ideas. The infrastructural support is not being given to the existing leaders such Intel or Schering Plough.

AMD has just invested $3.2bn in Dresden had the right infrastructure been in place it could and should have come here. 😡

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