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I think the real success of Raheen has been Michael Dell and the 5000 or so jobs that have sent Limerick up the class economically.

It is clear that no computer plant can compete for space at the centre of a city, but they can almost act like second town centres when on the scale of Dell. As the economic spillover attracts all kinds of busineses from Gyms to creches to retail warehousing for DIY type products.

It is rare to secure projects of that quality and that scale in an Irish context. They are the exception versus the rule I feel.

To plan for a small number of these estates is good planning to adopt them as the prefered development pattern is extremely short sighted.

A strategy is needed to ensure that brownfield development gets priority over edge-city infill such as the conversion of former industrial buildings to offices in places such as Sandyford and parts of Tallaght.

Only central areas can provide the rental values to support the highest standards of design and materials. If sutainable development patterns are to be introduced and higher spec buildings constructed it is only viable by prioritising resources to central areas such as the docklands and Smithfield etc 😎

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