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I agree with you totally about Sandyford.

The planners in DLR have a lot answer for, bigtime. The Theory according to Dr Brian Hughes is simple most local authorites are sanctioning large scale developments on the edge of their patch. The edge closest to Dublin, therebye other local authorities such as DCC in the Sandyford case have pressure put on their infrastructure. While DLR collect the rates. Before you point the finger at DLR remember that wicklow are doing to DLR in Bray and so on.

What is really needed is a co-ordinated planning strategy that is implemented by a new agency.

But back to the point, I trust the DDDA and DCC to a level I wouldn’t trust any-other LA in Ireland. I mean look at Sligo, with Alan getting the support of Sinn Fein and a mad socialist independent turned old labour called Bree.

I think that high density in the docklands is vastly preferable to the current Sandyford medium density served by LUAS and a motorway. The new park development in leopardstown scares me, the hotel is ok but the clutter of retail warehousing will generate more traffic than Walmart.

What is required are a few Cathedrals and alot of tall 12-18 apartment buildings in the Docklands. As the river views should giver a lift in rental values making better designed buildings viable on the basis of additional marginal income.

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