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Which makes the LUAS project the exact opposite of what you are talking about I guess – given the length of track they have built from Belgard to the Red Cow, and all that ‘density of development’ around the M50! ROFL! 🙂

Yes, good post, puts a lot to do with LUAS project in a perspective for me at least. I have travelled along most of the LUAS line at this stage and I found it really difficult to finding anything very dense at all.

The only cathedrals of commerce that I found were in Sandyford Ind. Estate, and that place is like something from the Simpson’s – I was kicked out of dodge, for loitering around with a camera snapping picies of Microsoft HQ on a Saturday! 🙂

“You know this is private property?” (Standing in a public road)

Insert strong inner city Dublin accent too btw, . . .

My own believe, it that if the Docklands was built as you describe with Cathedrals like in Ballymount, you wouldn’t be able to use the public streets their either.

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