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Would I be very wrong in thinking, that during our first date with the destiny of globalisation – i.e. fabulous looking commercial palaces that could be anywhere in the world – that we did not find it so easy to swallow. Basically modern Architecture got a very bad rep.

But now we seem to have embraced this global architecture type of commercial style, rather like some old man clutching onto a blanket. I.e. The more cathedrals of commerce we can build, the less likely our prosperity is going to escape? I seems to be like a total U-turn to the 1960s reaction. Have we in fact changed that much in so short a space of time?

I mean, Archiseek board is one of the places that loves to just slate the ‘Irish-ness’ and sense of one’s own identity, which people held so dear in the 1960s. But have we lost a large portion of our identity, and need to joke about it now, just to make ourselves feel better about it? Obviously Spain cannot go back to the days of Columbus, but in its architecture, spaces and cities nowadays, you still do get some sense of history, or of place.

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