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i know i am talking to myself but if it helps just one person to start thinking more about this subject and give it some credit instead of thinking it’s sci-fi then i’ll be happy.

i was watching a programme on discovery science(channel 555 on digital, actually when i am on this subject there are some excellent programmes on discovery civilisation in regards the orgins of civilisation and their architecture) about space colonies(yes i am actually interested in this) about the moon and mars.. they propose to build underground living quaters on the moon with domes over crater marks to introduce trees and such…personally i believe underground is the way to go here as the moon gets hit by meteorites a lot… but i think the most favoured idea about mars is tera-forming, this is where they introduce green house gases into the athmosphere and warm the planet up. this will then after about 100years bring the surface of mars to somewhat livable levels where then plants may grow to produce oxygen and so on…they had some ideas on the architecture of the planet once we start to colonise. is this not an architect’s wet dream? a green (red) field site with no planning conditions or restrictions, no messy conservationalists to deal with, basically a blank canvas for one to create what you wouldn’t dream about here. this is the fasination of this particular subject.
it’s a mixture of architecture, urban planning and science.

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