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The Russians did actually learn one thing from their space travel though, which I don’t think the Americans might have grasped quite yet – a la world space station etc, etc.

That people who are left up there in orbit, go absolutely bats mentally.

No getting around that fact – one American tried to spend some time up with the Russians and came down a very broken man indeed.

The right stuff, may not be the right stuff after all.

Aside from the whole physcho thing, the body just disintegrates without the use of muscles and the presence of gravity – you could not have what is depicted in Star Trek period. Even with the exercise and all of that, the Russians still found that muscle mass was just depleting away to nothing!

The muscles on one’s face didn’t know how to respond to the absence of gravity and that caused all kinds of physical problems.

I would think exploring the sea, might be one positive development to come from all of this space age investment and time though, and that extra knowledge gained about the sea, climatic factors and analysis, might eventually lead to better and more economic use of tidal power in the long run.

So one cannot dismiss the benefits of space travel for solar/wind/wave either. Many of the vessels exploring the underwater currents in the seas now, are space age technology, materials and workmanship – alot of them russian too.

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