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with organic life i will agree with u but if we put machines on mars then we will have to mould them to be able to adapt to that environment rather different than evolving. this however will present the oppurtinuity for them to adapt themselves to their situation. while we won the lotto as regards who takes over we are giving our inheirtance to the machines so in a way we are choosing.
in space there is no need to walk don’t know about mars but i assume cos it’s generally the same mass as our rock it has similiar gravity!!!
absolutely agree we will be completely dependant on machines…it’s not far off it now to be honest. i never took to Ai the film. i have watched it twice now and still don’t think much of it but the irony didn’t pass me by that he actually strived to be human and then ended up being the only remaining human form left…quite a strange one.
however it still was the form of a human which i presume will be the main target of getting an ai to look like us but i feel they will take a more unusual form. anywhoo.

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