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Bear in mind, that in terms of the entire history of human development, we have only had our unique brain power for a small part of our history. That is to say, that the golden age of human development and excellence is just a brief interlude.

For many millions of years, the human species could only hunt and savenge as best it could. At nightime, early humans just had to stay in the dark and cold in caves like animals. But at some critical point, following their ability to control fire – suddenly their brain began to evolve at more than linear rates.

So, for millenia, humans brain capacity stayed pretty much at a constant value, as witnessed by their use of the same tools over the course of millions of years. Then suddenly and without much warning this all changes, as the nightimes suddenly become lighted with fire and peoples’ reality switches from external factors, to things inside their heads.

Sean O’Laoire described a very similar switch from the traditional cottage for both animals and people, which prevails across most of Western Europe. When houses with large fireplaces came about, and animals were housed elsewhere, suddenly man become aware of romantic impulses he never knew he had.

The fact remains, that machines are currently accelerating in development at a rate much greater than the human species at the moment. At the moment, machines may be going through their early phases of development, but that does not mean that they will never develop the ability to control fire.

I was hoping that Archiseek, could provide more or less the same opportunity for architects to sit around a fire and think for a change! 🙂

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