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In regards to a couple of things here, I am going to put on my favourite right brain and start being a scientist.

The one environment, which resembles the sexual numerical possiblity, law of chance situation to create actual human beings, does not exist in CMOS transistor technology. Intel etc are leading the world in that.

They have to build an entire new factory line every year and we are now talking about 1 billion transistors on something the size of 4mm x 4mm, getting smaller and more dense all of the time.

Moore’s law predicted back in the 1960s, by an intel engineer, has never been broken – that transistor count will double every 1.5 years.

Like I said no two chips are exactly alike. We simply do not know what to do with all the processing power we have anymore. It is going mostly unused. Same with digital storage, same with embedded memory etc.

More and more functions are therefore able to integrate onto a single piece of silicon, and at some stage the machine will actually start to use this vast reserve of computational power to do something like in the first human brains, which only difference is that it was biological and chemical as oposed to silicon.

All mathematical possibility theory currently points to the fact, that we are creating a rain forest of cross pollenation on microchips, somewhere in some industrial looking, nonedescript factory shed, that critical leap with finally happen – that initial spark.

As to the Moore’s Law thing, and time travel, at some stage in the future – the human species will have created so much digital storage capacity, memory and processing power, that it will be able to devote some part of it to just recording a point in time in exact realistic detail – that will allow supercomputers to spawn billions of alternative scenarios and billions of copies of you and me.

That means, mathematically speaking, if you think you are you – i.e. the one special ‘real’ Brian in the billions of other virtual copies, then the odds are stacked against you by a billion to one!

In other words the whole reality that science has set out to discover, and these great people like Einstein wanted to make clear – has in some strange way, become inverted on itself.

In the future – most people will actually exist in virtual space – that is the critical cross-junction between the human species and the machine.

And also that point at which we as a species will effectively cease to be useful anymore. No walt disney endings, just re-created virtual time and space.

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