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What?, are you talking about the dozen or so group 91 buildings in temple bar, coz the rest of it is a disaster. The treatment of the historic buildings and overall character of the area was neanderthal, and this for me negates its chance of being a “landscape of subtle variations”. I’m talking about crudely detailed sash windows, cement ‘snail pointing’ to brick facades, facade retention, badly relaid stone setts and general massive loss of former light industrial and artist studio charachter, which made it interesting in the first place.

It’s only vibrant because of the excess of pubs.

The modern buildings may be interesting to people like “us”, and group 91 and their peers. Architects who design uncompromising modern buildings would like to think that the public secretly or unconciously like their buildings, but they don’t. The public want plastic georgian windows and flower baskets.

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