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Don’t agree with you What? about the quality of Quatier Bloom or about brick. The shapes and massing of the buildings are good. It is the quays. A Gehry wouldn’t do it for me here.
There is an interesting new Dublin view, from the ‘square’ of the development out to the quays, across Millenium Bridge and up Eustace Street to the ’50s building on the George’s st. cnr.

There’s nothing wrong with brick per se, just the way its used. Brainless red brick and PVC Zoey facades gave brick a bad name in the 90’s.

You cite Temple Bar as an example of quality or innovation. The whole of the award winning Temple Bar West End is in brick.

Incidentally, three years after its completion the streets and pavements in Temple Bar West End have been left in an unfinished state, with bumpy tarmac surfaces and a mish mash of broken temporary pavements, whereas the Quartier Bloom development has been completed with integral, high quality warm-coloured stone paving in the new street, that – unlike the wretched Chinese white granite everywhere else in the city – reflects the tone of the historic Dublin paving.

(And, no, I had absolutely nothing to do with this development)

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