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Andrew Duffy

Someone here has never lived in an apartment building:

– You are not allowed place advertising boards on the building. This is why for sale boards are all clustered together around the entrance to the development. You aren’t allowed repaint the exterior or hang washing on it either.

– An apartment needs a few things that an office doesn’t necessarily; namely windows that open and let in as much light as possible – most apartments only have windows on one of four sides. Balconies are also very desirable. Therefore, it is not possible to build a practical apartment building without visible floors. The Hancock Tower in NYC is not a practical apartment building.

Finally, damning an unbuilt modern building by suggesting it will have the same build quality and suffer from the same lack of maintenance as a 1960s system-built social flat complex is pathetic. Ballymun is not the definition of high-rise architecture; its buildings are not even tall, and the design is certainly never going to be repeated.

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