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Well just like my cathedrals of Commerce thread, you just cannot understand people who live in cities, who travel around the world in jets, the way in which buildings and new schemes are being built without some clue of how the global economy works too. We learnt precious little to do with that in Architecture unfortunately – noone even liked our lectures in economics – I used to find them awe inspiring! Dunno why, exactly.

Here is an unusual post I have read elsewhere about Google:

For currency conversion, I generally just use Yahoo’s:

For unit conversion, Google is quite handy; just type in the conversion you want in the search field, and hit search. E.g., if you type:

23 kilometers in miles

it will respond with:

23 kilometers = 14.2915374 miles

You can even include expressions in the query, e.g.:

12 miles * 10 miles in meters^2

will give you the number of square meters in a 12 mile by 10 mile rectangle.

It’s actually got a pretty intelligent parser built in to it… e.g. you can even enter a query like:

speed of light in cubits per fortnight

and it will give you the answer! 😀

I have a few favourites bookmarks for things like currency converters on the web now – great information on your fingertips really – the way that local radio even announces death notices down here, changed the way people used radio – web will be something similar.

1 USD = 0.805153 EUR

1 EUR = 1.24200 USD

Now there is a topic for conversation, in context of capturing Saddam, airport security etc, etc, etc.

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