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For this reason the real decisions are made by chief/head traders who have the courage to stand by their investment strategies.

I can now see the reasons why they would have wanted to transfer decision makiing onto computers. Because it must be such a very stressful business trying to base decisions on a human hunch.

I guess those tall buildings would come in handy for jumping off of though! I you made a bad decision. Do a search on Google for games like Total Annihilation and Medieval: Total War. It is interesting to notice just how often the AI behaves stupidly, as in your Russian example. Anyone who would be used to playing Real Time Strategy gaming or Turn based Strategy gaming, as in chess, would know how lightly a bad computer AI glitch is to occur. Even the most beloved RTS games have bad issues!

But then again, most of the games like:


an RPG, are made by Eastern European small startups! They like their turn based strategy, those guys! has a very intriguing interview/diary with the makers.

I personally have wondered a lot what it would be like to play something like Shogun – I love the wide open spaces displayed in the game.

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