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The IT industry provides the both the future living patterns and the best long term investment returns. But it also presents the greatest risks due to it’s tendancies towards extreme numerical volatility.

Spare a thought for a freind’s dad who at 60 put his entire pension into a well known share at $128 per share, they fell to $18 at one stage; they are about $35 now.

Personally I do invest but I am a little more conservative; looking mostly at London shares that pay a dividend over 4% and deliver long term capital returns of about 6-10% historically

There is no doubt that if your theory of the four year cylcle is to be bourne out, this is the year to sell ‘Safe bets’ and buy three or four top IT shares such as IBM, DELL, INTEL, HP etc.

Then you and my freind’s dad should sell in October before the cycle heads south again.

Thus going back to safe financial shares or the safest of all residential property. The only asset class that offers 80% leverage, or someone else taking 80% of the risk and you getting literally a free asset in 20 years.

To check it out

click the djia symbol on the right and play with the graphs over different time phases, if you enter a company name e.g IBM you can look at individual companies.

A shame about the Irish Times cutting so many staff a couple of years ago

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