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“Exploration Station has close links to the famous Boston Children’s Museum and will draw on recognised international expertise in the field to develop a unique world-class facility. The Chairman of the Board, Mr Michael M. Collins, S.C. said `Exploration Station will ignite children’s imagination and thirst for understanding and by its unique mix of science, culture and the arts encourage the development of lateral and creative thinking.’

The project has been agreed between this Department of Enterprise, Trade & Employment, the Irish Children’s Museum and OPW. As part of the development of publicly owned lands a custom designed 50,000 sq ft building for this interactive centre will be provided. The Irish Children’s Museum will occupy this new building under licence to develop this unique interactive learning experience with a predominant focus on science. They will be responsible for the cost of fitting out and running the new centre”

Shades of Spencer Dock here and Kevin Roche’s conference centre.

“If we don’t get our profit the Children of Ireland don’t get their Science Museum”

This museum should be built in an appropriate building.

Anything with Michael Collins SC impresses and reassures me with equal measure to my deep distrust and suspicion of tparlon

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