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An Taisce withdrew their objection after further consultations and very minor revisions were agreed after the first instance application.
It was the IGS who pushed it with ABP. I attended a lecture in Edinburgh by the architect who was most angry that the government wouldn’t delay the construction to get it right. It was ‘a matter of time and a matter of money’ to the government

I totally agree on the Transport situation

In one word


Ease of mode change

One ticket many destinations

The metro needs to be built to unify the Four existing rail sytems,

1 Dart

2 Luas

3 Western Suburban (Heuston Routes)

4 Eastern Suburban (Connolly Routes)

How it is done or the specific route to the airport is secondary.

Time is the over-riding criterion

Ten Years was ok in 1991 the country was broke

Ten years is not OK now it is now 6 1/2 years since O’Rourke came into office What do we have other than two linear building sites to show for her time and our taxes

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