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Andrew Duffy

Southbank is still awaiting a planning decision, three years on. I think that the pipedream, sorry proposal for a national stadium on the same site is what has held up the decision. It doesn’t have to be a yes, just a decision.

What four midrise buildings will be in close proximity to each other? There is a fair distance between the Point and Spencer Dock, and that’s only two buildings. Spencer Dock also doesn’t have anything yet designed that would qualify as midrise. The closest things to clusters we’ll have are Georges Quay Plaza, Tara St. Station, Hawkin’s House, O’Connell Bridge House, Liberty Hall (sort of), and eventually maybe U2 building, Millennium Tower, Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, Pearse St., Grand Canal Dock station, Southbank (sort of).

The second one would be nice, but unlikely.

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