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Two points,

The way to maximise revenues is to get passengers travelling the maximum distance.

As stated earlier there is sufficient capacity on the DART at all stations as far as Dunlaoire. Try and get on a DART in Sydney Parade easier said than done.

As for the CIE situation, CIE have done their best in my opinion given the lack of real support they have received from this administration.

Hiving the luas off to the private sector further compounds the problem, because it denies CIE a rare profit making opportunity.

Given the context that they operate a lot of services that have no economic viability but deliver a significant societal beinifit.

So I don’t accept that one can blame CIE, and elevate the LUAS becuase it is simply a private sector project.

LUAS is fundamentally flawed, only a metro will solve the problems.
And an extension to CityWest would make the Heuston development even more UNViable because it would consume even more LUAS capacity

Build the City West extension and build the apartments in the Docklands.

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